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I attended a high school based on Italian grammar and linguistic, during those years I also studied Latin and old Greek.

After that, I attended University in Enna, I have a bachelor’s degree in Languages and Modern Cultures; I studied English, Spanish, and Italian languages, and literature.

Thanks to my studies, the University gifted me with a master in Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy.

I love learning which is why I keep studying. Currently, I am completing my master’s degree in Languages for International Communication, and I am preparing for CEDILS, the official exam to teach Italian as a second language.

Work Experience

I started teaching Italian to foreigners in 2019 during my time volunteering in Spain. In a high school in Barcelona, I taught the 17 sustainable development goals, thanks to a volunteering project with AIESEC; the world's largest youth-led global organization that seeks to develop youth leadership through opportunities in the international environment. During that time, I used English and Italian to teach students.

At that moment, I understood how much I love teaching my native language.

In 2021, I started teaching Italian on a worldwide platform called Preply, and then I joined a company called The Really Great Teacher, where I'm still working. Thanks to them, I had the opportunity to teach Italian to so many foreigner students. Moreover, I grew professionally thanks to my students.

I feel so grateful for all the opportunities and people that I met, which is why I have started my own school. I want to share my language and I want to help people to achieve their goals. Likewise, I want to share the joy of learning Italian language.

My strengths

  • I am patient and calm.
  • I like sharing my experience and listening to my student's experience.
  • My work is my passion, I can't imagine doing another job.

My weaknesses

  • I don't know all the Italian words because I am not a dictionary, so if you ask me something that I don't know I will be honest, and we will check the meaning together.
  • Sometimes, I assign too much homework, according to my students, but then they do it.
  • I feel frustrated if my students can't understand something, so I try my best to teach the hardest things in the easiest way.

I like to make jokes.

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